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Kitchen Remodeling Kitchen Remodeling & Kitchen Cabinets Custom Kitchens made to your specifications.

Transform your kitchen with gorgeous granite and glass countertops, refaced cabinets, and glass mosaics.

A full scale kitchen remodeling job can take months and cost over $50,000. And, worst of all, whether you’re installing kitchen cabinets, countertops, or wall mosaics, a full scale kitchen remodeling job will often leave your kitchen un-operational for the length of the entire project. You’ll also have to live with dust and dirt in your house; replace the floor if it gets damaged during demolition; repaint areas of your house that get nicked by clumsy builders; set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere; and most likely burn money by eating out frequently. For most, this is simply unacceptable.

We offer a solution.

At Tru-Value Builders, we have singlehandedly advanced the home remodeling industry by developing a streamlined remodeling process that produces less waste and takes less time. We manufacture and install all our own products and back them up with a lifetime warranty.

When you get your kitchen remodeled with Tru-Value Builders, you can rest assured that you’re working with a trusted name in home remodeling. Our kitchen remodeling services include cabinet refacing, countertop installation, tiling, and more.

And not only are you going to get a superior product with Tru-Value Builders, but depending on the scope of the project, we can be out of your way in as little as one day! If you’ve ever remodeled with other companies before, you’re probably aware that contractors have a way of stretching these projects out for months.

So whether you’re looking for a new bathroom or a full on kitchen renovation, you can count on us to finish the project to your complete satisfaction!

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